I’m a husband, father and photographer! I travel all over the world to document epic adventures with amazing couples! I currently live in Arizona with my wife and our two kids. I grew up in Northern Arizona and spent most of my time in the outdoors with my family. We did a lot of camping and hiking and I fell in love with being outside in the great outdoors. As a photographer I have taken that love of nature and incorporated it into my photographic style. I love to take couples out away from the city where they can truly be alone and express their love with few distractions. I feel extremely blessed to be a full-time wedding photographer and can’t wait to work with you! 

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Wedding photography has changed the way I view life. Being around so many young couples getting married is refreshing and a constant reminder to me that family is everything. Each time I listen to a pastor perform the wedding ceremony I am reminded of my wife and all she means to me. It’s easy to lose focus and forget what’s really important in life. I feel truly lucky to be a witness to the beginning of new families!