i have a bad habit of waiting tell the day of the shoot to go pick out a location. this always leaves me stressed and frantic. i decided it was time for a change so i decided to do something new. i will be creating pinterest boards for all my locations. know when i have a shoot coming up i can say hey check out my boards on pinterest and see if you like any of my locations. i can give a couple a few to choose from so they know what the spot will look like and can plan for it. pinterest is awesome for planning out a shoot. i can have a couple pick pictures they like and want to create and pin it to a board. it makes everything so much easer! this is what im talking about(see location #1 below)

Location #1

having a gallery like this helped so much at my last engagement shoot. the couple looked at two options and picked the one they liked the most. then i could plan out the shoot before we got there. i knew where i wanted them to be, it worked out awesome. i wasnt stressed and the whole photoshoot flowed. here is a picture from their shoot.