i love taking engagement pictures! i get to meet new young couples and be part of their new journey together. i was flattered to be approached by holly and dustin, because dustin himself is a photographer! so it was cool to see another in my field would trust me to take pictures of his wedding. i knew the pictures had to be good so we worked together using pinterest to plan out their engagement pictures. they had already started their own board so they invited me to it. from there i created my own board to plan out there shoot. so the day of we went to the spot and had everything all planned out. i knew what pictures i wanted to take and where i wanted to take them! it was freezing that day. i felt so bad for them, we would take a few pictures and then jump back in our cars and warm up. here are the pictures from their engagement session. feel free to leave a comment i love to hear what people have to say! thanks again holly&dustin!