rooftops of san francisco

when i was in san francisco for a recent elopement i couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it would be to shoot on the rooftops of the city. lucky for me the last couple i had scheduled to shoot with had roof access in their building! i didn’t get to take their pictures until the last hour of my visit to san francisco so i didn’t have as much time as i normally would but i still got some images that i absolutely love. maybe its because i’m from a really small town but i loved being up there with such an amazing view of the city. it was breath taking and i will admit i was a little jealous that i couldn’t go up there and see it whenever i wanted!

     you might recognize this couple if you are a blogger! emi runs a blog called “the well traveled wife” it’s a super cool blog show casing all their fun travels. it’s totally worth looking into, check it out here! and to top it all off not only was this couple gorgeous but they had great fashion sence as well! which makes my job way to easy. thanks to emi and her husband chase for running around the city with me. it was a blast and so fun to meet you two!