sand dune engagements in utah

i am constantly amazed by utah and how many diverse landscapes it has to offer. as a southern utah wedding photographer i'm used to red rocks and desert landscapes, so when we decided to shoot at the sand dunes i was beyond excited. this session was shot in the sand dunes know as the “little sahara” near nephi utah. when we arrived at the dunes we could see a storm brewing off in the distance and the white sand looked amazing against the dark blue sky. it made for some killer shots as the sun went down! also as those that live in utah know the weather here can be temperamental. sunny one second and the next thing you know its raining! you can really see the weather change as this shoot progresses. it starts out clear and warm and ends moody, dark and stormy! literally ten seconds after we got back in our car we were hit by the storm! 

Floral Crown: The Magnolia Flower Co Makeup: Highlight Beauty