engagements in alaska part one!

a couple weeks ago i had the amazing opportunity to travel to alaska to take engagements and bridals! it was by far the coolest opportunity i have had as a wedding photographer. emily and cole decided to go to alaska for the summer to work and save money before getting married this november in st george utah. so they headed to skagway alaska! skagway is a major cruise ship destination and is flooded with traveler’s everyday coming in on their ships. emily got a job working for the train company guiding tours up the mountain with the historical white pass train company. while cole landed a job with a helicopter company that takes passengers up to the top of glaciers! i must say i have the best clients! not only did they bring me out to alaska, they also hooked me up with free passes to both the tours they work for! it was amazing! taking a helicopter ride to the tope of a glacier was so so rad and i will forever be grateful for the experience!

     while i was there we did several session! this is part one of their engagements! for this session we hiked up the mountain to a beautiful secluded lake. it was breath taking and super picturesque. also in this blog post was a mini engagement session we crammed in just before dark after a day of shooting bridals! i loved every second in alaska and can’t wait to share all the images!