Utah Mountain Bridal Session

as a wedding photographer i get to be part of so many special experiences for couples. one of the best parts of my job is taking a couple out to a remote location to take engagements and bridals. the separation from the busy city life and phones and people allows for some much needed private time. it allows the couple to relax and have fun. this bridal session shot in the mountains just south of salt lake city utah was breath taking. the brides wedding dress was so unique and stunning. i also love it when the bride helps the groom to look sharp and the groom nailed it with his fitted blue suit. when we arrived at our shoot location we found that it was over run by people attending a car show! (what!!) lucky for me i had scooped out the place and knew of something near by that would be amazing! we had to hike a little bit but i think the pictures turned out perfect!