Big Sur Engagements

I have been dreaming for years of working with a couple at Big Sur California and this year I finally got my chance! Big Sur is a breath taking place and I could have just sat for hours and enjoyed the view. I feel truly lucky to have been there. For this Big Sur Engagement session, we went up and down the coast and found some truly stunning locations. Big Sur was amazing and didn’t disappoint but it also helped that my clients picked out stunning outfits that truly fit the location! I can’t stress how important it is to pick out great outfits and plan for your shoot! It can take your engagements to the next level and you will never regret it! I would love your feed back from this engagement session so please leave a comment! 

As some of you might know I have been shooting a little bit of Film! I shoot a few rolls during this session and loved how they turned out! I would also love your feedback about the film shots too! Should I shoot more film or stick to digital? Shoot on Fuji400 with a Contax645 Scans by PhotoVision Prints in Oregon!