Point Reyes Bridal Session

   With my California Coast workshop coming up I new I had to get out to the coast and scout out the shoot locations! This was my first trip to the area and I have to say my mind was blown! I had no idea the coast of Point Reyes would be so stunning. I knew it would be pretty but I didn’t think it would feel like I had been transported to the coast of Ireland! I truly hope the weather is good to us when we are there for the workshop in March because it was amazing!  I spent most of the day hiking around the area and checking out the different beaches and stops along the coast. When I found this spot I instantly knew I would be doing one of the workshop shoots here!

    This is just a small taste of what the attendees can expect when they come to the workshop! I have carefully picked each shoot location to inspire and awe! As you scroll through these images I hope you can feel in some small way the grandeur of the coast and the truly amazing place it is!

   During this session I shot both Digital and Film. I enjoy shooting both and while Digital still comprises 90% of my finished work, I am enjoying film more and more. There are many pro’s and con’s to both, which is something I plan on discussing more at my workshop. For now, I will say I absolutely love the detail, sharpness and the amount I can push my Digital Images. While on the flip side I love the soft, elegant beauty of film! I would love to know what you think of the different formats! All my digital shots were taken on a Canon 5DM3 with ether a 50m or 35m lens. The Film shots where all taken using a Contax 645 with an 80m lens with Fuji400h film and processed by Photovision Prints.


Model – Stephanie Danielle

Dress – Sweet Caroline Styles

Bouquet – Vo Floral Designs

Silks – Silk and Willow

Planner – Smitten Kis

Film Lab - PhotoVision Prints

The Digital Shots

The Film Shots