Black Desert Bridals

I have shot weddings in Page Arizona a few times now and every time I drive past this spot I think how amazing it would be to shoot there, especially on moody days when it's wet. The hills look black as night and everything pops! Well I recently had a wedding in Page and figured I would do a shoot here after! I am so glad I did the location was everything I hoped it would be! (other than getting chased off by Park Rangers!!) This place is now one of my favorite places to shoot and I’m looking forward to getting back out there. The locals call it “the moon” and I can see why. I almost felt like I was using selective coloring while I edited these but the truth is the ground really is that color. Hope you enjoy these shots as much as I do! My buddy Dustin Merrill with Merrill-Photo-Video was out shooting with me too so make sure and check out his shoots over on his page, you can see them here.


Model – Kaiya Brook

Dress – Claire La Faye

Bouquet – Bloomers Flowers and Décor

Location – Page Arizona