2018 Utah Valley Bride Zion Wedding Shoot

I finally get to share all the pictures from this Zion National Park wedding editorial I shot for Utah Valley Bride! I have been sitting on these images for a few months and it was killing me not to share! We shot this a few months ago on a super windy night just outside of Zion National Park. I had been wanting to shoot here for a few years and just hadn’t felt like the time was right. Well, the time finally came and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the pictures came out! The sky was moody but had light, the dress had movement and the real couple made things perfect! It was so windy at times I thought the cape on the dress would rip off, but the wind truly made this shoot. Go ahead and scroll through these images, just make sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts at the end! 

Publication - Utah Valley Bride@utahvalleybride 

Gown - Cathy Telle@cathytelle 

Bouquet - The Potted Pansy@thepottedpansy 

Silk Ribbon - Froufrou Chic @froufrouchic  

Muah - Julie Thomas @thomastimes &  Chantry Wagstaff @chantrywagstaff

Models - Bri Stauss @bristauss & Jason Taylor @jason.taylor__

Film Lab - PhotoVision Prints - @photovisionprints

Thats the end of the Digital shots! Now take a look at the film shots captured on Fuji400h with a Contax645 and processed by Photovision Prints in Oregon!