Oia, Greece Engagements

I couple weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to travel with my wife to the Greek Islands to document a beautiful elopement! Megan and Deron decided they wanted their wedding to be a special moment for the two of them without the stress that comes with planning and hosting a wedding. I completely agree with their decision and wish more couples would elope! (And take me with them!) Eloping is so much more than it has been in years past. What was once considered shameful or to be done out of necessity is now a planned event allowing for a more romantic, unique and intimate ceremony. The elopement happened on the famous island of Santorini and it was amazing! I will be sharing images from their elopement soon! BUT first, I wanted to share the session we did the day before their wedding in the well known town of Oia. Oia is located on the north end of the island and is famous for its sunsets, white buildings and blue domed churches. As with any famous land mark, shooting at sunset is almost impossible, unless you like having a bunch of people in your pictures! So we got up early and took pictures as the sun rose over this beautiful city. It was 100% worth the early wake up call to take these pictures and I love how they turned out! This session was shot all on Fuji400h Film with a Contax645 and processed by Photovision in Oregon. Let me know what you think of their session and check back in the next few days to see more from their destination elopement!