Oahu Wedding Inspiration

When I think of Oahu Hawaii this isn't the kind of landscape that comes to mind! Well it might be now but only because I was lucky enough to discover this hidden gem! I know I have said this before about other places but it truly felt like I had been transported to another planet. The landscape felt more like the moon then the shore of an Hawaii Island.  The landscape paired with a flawless model and perfect styling made for some of my all time favorite portraits. The images I blogged are all Film shots taken with a Contax645 and fuji400 film. As always I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment! 

   Gown - Shop Gossamer Bouquet - Designs by Hemingway MUAH - Heather Bell Style Silks - Silk & Willow Model Courtney Coleman 

Film Processed by Photovision Prints