Italian Castle Shoot

If you follow my work you know that I geek out a little every time I get to explore a new castle ruin! I love the history of what once was and how grand they must have been. I also love trying to visualize what it must have been like to live there. The day to day life of our ancestors was so different than ours. Another reason I love castles is they seem to located in cool places with great views! Rocca Castle in Italy is one of the Highest Castles I have ever been to and it is now one of my favorite castles. I hope I get to visit it again someday!

The second I knew I was going to Italy I started planning a trip to this amazing castle. I loved getting to work with this amazing couple and explore the castle grounds! I hope you feel inspired by the images we captured and want to head to Italy for your Elopement! And of course I want you to bring me along to document the adventure!

The stunning gown for this shoot was from